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A New Type of Art-BlindSpot Art

Are you looking to enhance your quality of life or the life of someone you know?

Painted Flowers

Then you came to the right place. We specialize in self-help art and wellness services! BlindSpot Art is designed to raise self-awareness and provide healing through art.

BlindSpot ArtTM is a self-help art and wellness company that specializes in a new type of art, designed to raise self-awareness and provide better health and healing. Clients and participants are encouraged to express themselves creatively so that we can help them to uncover toxic thoughts or “blindspots” (typically fears and reservations) that may be zapping energy — keeping them from moving forward in life. BlindSpot Art exists as an alternative to traditional self-help methods. Using art, we help participants identify and move past their “blindspots” — encouraging them to actively move toward their goals for future success.

BlindSpot Art is available to any group who feels that they can benefit from it. So, take a look at our site and contact us if you or your group would like to take that first step towards healing.